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The RESIZED is a Project that develops its work plan according to 7 Working Packages (WPs, WP1-WP7) during a period of 60 months started from July 2014. Each of the WPs is broken down into several tasks which are most often highly inter-connected. The RE-SIZED Project started with the rapid implementation of the ERA-Chair Holder (and in next steps of the Team) recruitment procedure which was the first achieved within a maximum of 6 months after the signature of the EC Grant agreement (WP2). As soon as the ERA-Chair Team was in place, the execution of the R&D&I programme started with the further recruitment of the team members and the project’s validation of its details.

The programme is roughly divided in two phases: the upstream R&D phase which is performed by the ERA-Chair Team members to design concepts and models and the downstream R&D phase dealing with collaborative demonstration projects of the concepts (WP3). The need for developing demonstration projects is meant to efficiently stimulate a strategy for identifying the most appropriate partners among stakeholders as well as to raise the ERA-Chair Team performance for securing funding (WP4). Alongside the whole project duration, the overall R&D performance as well as the impact of the ERA-Chair model on the performance of R&D&I within the RIE (Research Institute for Energy) of UMONS is monitored and evaluated (WP5) and represents the ground for assessing to which extent and in which R&D fields similar ERA-Chair initiatives should be valuably implemented (WP6). The RE-SIZED Project is coordinated by Prof. Marc Frere, President of the RIE along with the ERA-Chair Holder Dr. Christos Ioakeimidis interacting with the Commission for ensuring outstanding communication and attainment of mutual expectations with respect to this Pilot-Project (WP1). The dissemination of the most valuable measures and actions tested and improved during this project are carried out according to a communication plan intended to raise interest of the scientific community across Europe with respect to the ERA-Chair model (WP7).

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